If you just juggled getting your kids in bed, doing the dishes, and cleaning up a living room scattered with clothes while eating a handful of chips to keep yourself from starving, I need you to know that I appreciate you! I know your struggle!

I am a wife to an amazing guy and mom of three beautiful children (2 girls and a boy...in that order). They all keep me on my toes! I know the feeling of being completely fatigued, barely mustering up enough strength to cook a hot meal for the family, and enjoying none of that meal because I was too busy finishing up another project/chore. I know first-hand the struggle of going to bed with a stomach full of mini-Oreos because, well, LIFE!

In 2016, I decided to change that. After all, how could I be that "Best Mom" and "Best Wife" that I kept praying to be if I was consistently neglecting myself? I would feed myself junk and then tell myself to perform at top efficiency. I would spend no time on my personal development but would then tell myself to grow in all areas of life. I learned that life doesn't work that way!

I was stuck in the same circle because, simply, I stayed marching in that same circle! Talk about consistency, huh?

I finally (just recently!) learned the difference between being selfish and being kind to myself. I am here to take your guilt away. I want to share with you how I managed to find myself (again) after losing myself under the stresses of Debt, Obesity, Insecurity, Exhaustion, Depression, and (insert all of the missing things that I can't quite re-hash at this time). 

I took my life BACK! I put myself through HOURS of self-reflection, therapy, soul-searching, rediscovery and more to find my worth again. Now, I am in debt to every other mom or wife who is going through the same thing! We're going to start out small...and make HUGE differences in your life that are lasting! And we're going to have a TON of FUN doing it!

So, it's okay if you take an extra 10 minutes to scroll through my site tonight when you should be dusting! Trust me when I tell you that you will walk away feeling Empowered, Appreciated, and totally not Guilty!