If you just juggled working a 9-5 (or a business), running errands, homework-helpin' your kid(s) while small-talking with your favorite guy, preparing dinner while doing the dishes, and cleaning up a living room scattered with clothes while eating a handful of chips to keep yourself from starving to absolute death, I need you to know that I appreciate you + I totally understand! 

I am a wife to an amazing guy and mom of three beautiful children (2 girls and a boy...in that order). They all keep me on my toes! I know (all too well) the feeling of being completely fatigued, barely mustering up enough strength to cook a hot meal for the family, and enjoying none of that meal because I was too busy finishing up another project/chore. I know first-hand the struggle of going to bed with a stomach full of mini-Oreos because, well, LIFE + feeling absolutely crappy because you definitely under-served your marriage tonight....for the 6th night in a row. (ouch!)

In 2016, I started on a journey to change my patterns. I didn't like the life that I had created, and knew that I needed to change. After all, how can I constantly pray to be that "BOMB Wife" if I was consistently neglecting my marriage and myself due to life and subsequently, fatigue? It took a long journey of learning for me to get to the place where I am today! And it all started from ONE decision! 

I decided to practice self-care FIRST! I didn't understand how my self-care triggered everything else in life, so it took some time to learn. But, for me, self-care means that I no longer cram JUNK into my body. I feed my beautiful body exactly what it needs to operate at its best. I no longer spend endless hours scrolling on social media pages that don't serve my heart (gossip blogs, etc.) and instead devote that time to my spiritual well-being and self-development. I may take a trip to the nail salon to treat myself, spend a few dollars on a new piece of lingerie that I know my husband will love, or sculpt out a few hours of a day for a nap! (Sounds so unrealistic, right? Well, it's not!)

I created a list of beautiful things that I wanted to see sprout within my home and my marriage, and I devoted myself to God and those things. I created a daily system that works for my family to help get things done WITHOUT the stress, and without draining all of my good energy (that my hubby and kids deserve).

I know what you are thinking...."focusing on self-care seems selfish"! Girl, I get it! Honestly, I JUST learned the difference between being selfish and being kind to myself.  There's a huge difference! I am here to share my journey with you (the good, the bad + the down-right ugly)! From weight loss + body confidence, to rebuilding my marriage to the one I desire & my hubby deserves, being a guilt-free mommy, and maintaining the coin, I am a busy-bee! 

I'm here to relate to your guilt by sharing where I've come from and openly share how I managed to find myself (again) after struggling with Debt, Obesity, Insecurity, Exhaustion, Depression, and (insert all of the missing things that I can't quite re-hash at this time). 

After painful HOURS of self-reflection, biblical therapy, soul-searching, rediscovery and truth, I have finally found my worth (and joy) again!

So, do something different tonight. Take an extra 15 minutes in a quiet place to scroll through my blogs (even if you feel you really should be dusting)! Refresh yourself through my site. I guarantee you will leave feeling Empowered, Appreciated, and totally not Guilty!