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When life has taught me so much, it would be a true injustice for me to not help other wives and moms who are going through the same journey!

Kim, thank you so much for all of your leadership! I really don't know what I would've

done without you. I feel better than ever now and my bank account is never in the

negative. Even my husband loves you now for what you have done for us. You literally saved our marriage! Thanks!

– Amanda G. from Maryland

OMG! Kim, seriously! I hit my first goal of 15lbs down using your plan! You weren't kidding when you said I could reach it by the end of the month! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Heather B. from North Carolina

Thank you so much! Because of you, I am able to buy Christmas stuff AND pay my bills! I don't know what my daughter and I would do without you! You are the best leader I've ever had!

– Christina L. from North Carolina

I never thought I would get my self-confidence back, and now I am walking around feeling like a queen. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy, but I'm just different...a different, more-confident kind of me. I told him to get used it. Thanks, Kim!

– Samantha J. from New Jersey

Girl! I used your tips for two weeks and have already saved so much money!!!! I can definitely keep this up!! Thank you for guiding me because I was so lost before I talked to you!

– Amanda R. from Florida